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Make sure your business is up-to-date with all current legislation with a helping hand from Anderson Property Services. The Health and Safety of both you staff and you customers is paramount to running a smooth-running business, and we can help. Our skilled team operate Compliance Maintenance Management plans which are designed to ensure your property is always 100% up to speed.

Compliance Maintenance and Management

Compliance maintenance is essential for all businesses, to ensure that each aspect of your business is safe, clean and secure. It can encompass a whole range of different facets of the business, from Risk Assessments to PAT testing. Our team are fully trained in dealing with all manner of Compliance Maintenance and Management, and can incorporate any necessary fixes into your Planned Maintenance packages.

Tailored Compliance Maintenance Plans

Every business is different, we know that. This is why at Anderson Property Services, we keep track of any changes in legislation and apply this specifically to your business. Our experts know what will affect your business and what won’t, and we can tailor our scheduled visits to ensure you are getting the most out of your Compliance Maintenance plan. We will ensure that you have a set of certificates specific to your business entailing your compliance to necessary legislative bodies.

At Anderson Property Services, we do our best to create truly individual plans based on each Client we take on. We can either create these based on information the client provides, or if that isn’t possible, our team are more than happy to carry out detailed site surveys so we can be sure the services we are providing are right for you and your business.

Working with Anderson Property Services

Avoid any nasty surprises and make sure that your business is fully up-to-date with all current legislation by working with Anderson Property Services. Keep you, your staff and you loyal customers safe with regular Compliance Maintenance visits from our team of specialist workmen.

Get in touch with our Customer Service team today to find out more about how APS can help you keep your property safe, clean and secure.

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