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At Anderson Property Services, we offer up a diverse range of services to Clients as part of our Facilities Management plans.  Receive the services you need to keep your business safe, clean and secure at all time with continual support from APS.

Total Facilities Management

For every property or business, there are some services which are just necessary in order to keep your activities running smoothly and efficiently. These services will depend on a lot of factors, including the size, location and nature of your business. Anderson Property Services is your one-stop-shop for making sure you receive all of the services you need.

The services you need can range from energy to security and can be incorporated into a set plan of Compliance Maintenance visits from our specialists.

Efficient Service Integration

On each of our visits to your business, we can ensure that all of your services are integrated properly and efficiently. Anderson Property Services will make sure that each service your business needs is implemented correctly and regularly maintained to ensure optimal results.

In this process, this will include installing the services, creating a maintenance schedule, and ensuring the day-to-day operation of the service complies with the law and runs as smoothly as possible.

Facilities Management for Compliance

There are a few different regulations and legislative bodies that all businesses need to be aware of, to ensure both compliance with the law and a safe working environment for your staff. With our Facilities Management plans, APS will ensure services are in place to protect the follow working conditions:






Toilet and Washing Facilities

Rest and Eating Facilities

All of these services add to ensuring your business or property is a safe, clean and secure environment for all of your clients, customers or staff. The services themselves can be split into two areas of FM, Hard Services and Soft Services. Each of these categories brings with it its own set of challenges and therefore its own set of services which Anderson Property Services can provide.

Hard Services Facilities Management

Hard Services refers to all the physical installations within your property which cannot be removed and will need serviced regularly to ensure they are working at an optimum standard.

Our most popular Hard Services include:




Fire Safety Alarm Systems

Air Conditioning

Structural Maintenance

Soft Services Facilities Management

When it comes to Soft Services, these are the services which Anderson Property Services can provide your property to ensure it is a pleasant and secure place to work. These services are not compulsory, however, they vastly improve your working conditions. At Anderson Property Services, we can provide tailored Facilities Needs Assessments to identify which services would benefit your business the most.

Our clients often opt for the following Soft Services:

Window Cleaning
Waste Management

Tailored Management Plans

At Anderson Property Services, we want to make sure each of our Maintenance or Facilities Management plans is completely individualised to each of our clients. We keep detailed track of all the work we have completed and ensure that we have as much information about your business as is necessary.  In order to provide the best possible services for your specific property, we can carry out Facilities Needs Assessments in order to look at all aspects of the business and examine which services exist, which may need maintenance, and which may need installed.

Contact our Customer Services team at Anderson Property Services today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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