Planned Preventive Maintenance

/Planned Preventive Maintenance

Stay ahead of the game and ensure your business is ready for anything with Planned Preventive Maintenance from Anderson Property Services. Ensure that your business or property is always safe, clean and secure by predicting or anticipating problems before they have occurred. Our programmes of Planned Maintenance act as a preventative measure against damages to your property, ensuring your business can continue to run without interruption.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventive Maintenance differs from our Reactive Maintenance in that we aim to predict or anticipate problems and fix them while they are still minor. We can visit your business when it is convenient to you and ensure you have a cost-effective solution to preventing future problems.

Planned Maintenance has shown to reduce the costs which you may experience for your property when only dealing with issues reactively.

Regular Planned visits to your business or property will ensure we can service each aspect of the building to maintain a high standard. As our work with each of our Clients progresses, we can anticipate better the issues which may arise.

This means we can tailor our work specifically to your business and site, servicing each aspect of your business depending on your own needs and requirements.

Planned Maintenance ensures that you, as a business, can budget more accurately for maintenance as costs will be set prior to work being completely. It will avoid any unexpected expenditures for Reactive Maintenance callouts, and reduces your insurance exposure in the long-run.

Job Clustering Non-Urgent Maintenance

For minimal disruption, many businesses choose to opt for Job Clustering Maintenance. This is the recommended option if you have multiple small, non-urgent issues to be resolved around your property. At a time that is convenient for you, our specialist team can visit the property and complete all of the jobs in one sitting, which could save you money and will save any possible downtime.

Working with Anderson Property Services

Anderson Property Services is your one-stop-shop to ensuring all aspects of your business will run smoothly 365 days a year. We will take care of every facet of your property’s maintenance to ensure you can focus on your own business. Our expert team will complete every project we take on to the highest possible standard, with years of knowledge and experience behind them.

To learn more about our Planned Maintenance services, get in touch with a member of our Customer Services team today.

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